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Gastrocnemius Strain (Calf)

What is a gastrocnemius strain?

The gastrocnemius muscle is a powerful muscle located at the back of the lower leg. This muscle is involved in many daily activities such as standing, walking, jumping and running. Strain in this area, also known as the calf muscle, occurs more commonly in sports when there is a quick acceleration from a stationary position. Damage can also occur when there is a sudden halt in movement in sports such as squash and tennis. Other cases of calf strain occur when there is an eccentric overstretch of the muscle. 

Common Presentation


  • Ensuring strength of muscle through exercise such as calf raises

  • Proper stretching of muscle before physical activity

  • Ensuring proper technique is used for exercise and sport

  • Gradually increasing intensity and duration of exercise

Our Treatment Focus​​​

  • Physiotherapists can offer a conservative approach when managing patients with meniscus injuries. Our treatment focuses on pain relief, restoring function and mobility and this is facilitated via a range of treatment techniques offered by our therapist:

- Shockwave Therapy

- Soft Tissue Release

- Strengthening Exercises

At-Home Exercises

Please note that you should always consult with your doctor or physiotherapist prior to attempting these exercises. Alternatively, feel free to call us on 1300 16 16 88 to speak to one of our physiotherapists to see whether these exercises are suitable for you.

Calf Raises

  • Sudden pain in the back of the leg

  • Difficulty standing on tip toes and contraction of muscle

  • Bruising, swelling or pain in the muscle

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