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Sydney Exercise Physiologist

Exercise & Respiratory/Pulmonary Health 

Respiratory or Pulmonary conditions affect the lungs, therefore impairing an individual’s breathing ability or capacity. Lung conditions affect men, women and children alike, but smoking, infections and genetics can increase an individual’s chance of developing certain lung conditions. Generally, chronic lung conditions are either restrictive (i.e. affecting how much air a person can breathe in) or obstructive (i.e. affecting how much air a person can breathe out). Individuals suffering from lung conditions will most commonly feel short of breath very quickly during simple day to day activities. 


Common lung conditions include asthma, COPD, emphysema and bronchiectasis. 


Individuals living with chronic lung conditions are often less active due to the shortness of breath experienced doing day to day activities, and can therefore lose aerobic fitness and muscle strength. Regular exercise will help to counteract this reduction in aerobic capacity and strength by:

  • Improving breathing

  • Clearing mucus (or sputum) from the chest

  • Making the heart stronger and healthier

  • Increasing muscle strength and endurance

  • Improving balance

  • Increasing endurance and reduce breathlessness in performing certain activities  


Links to fact sheets: (Asthma) (COPD)

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