Tennis Elbow

(Lateral Epicondylitis) 

What is tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis

Tennis elbow occurs at the outer elbow, where the tendon attaches to the bone. It is an injury to the muscles that extend the fingers and wrist, usually occurring as a result of repetitive actions and gripping which are common to tennis and other sports. Other causes include unaccustomed hand use (such as excessive typing, painting, etc), excessive wringing action and poor forearm strength.

Common Presentation:

  • Pain when performing tasks that involve gripping/wringing

  • Pain with wrist and finger extension or when muscles are stretched

  • Tenderness over the bony epicondyle

  • Trigger points in the wrist

  • Difficulty lifting objects


  • Reduce any repetitive strain to forearm extensor

  • Stretching and strengthening of muscles will aid in prevention

  • Ensure regular breaks are taken when performing activities that may strain this muscle

Our Treatment Focus:

Physiotherapists can offer a conservative approach when managing patients with tennis elbow. Our treatment focuses on pain relief, restoring function and mobility and this is facilitated via a range of treatment techniques offered by our therapist:

 ​- Stretching and strengthening of forearm muscle

- Deep massage

- Dry needling

- Mobilisation techniques

At-home Exercise Recommendations

Please note that you should always consult with your doctor or physiotherapist prior to attempting these exercises. Alternatively, feel free to call us on 1300 16 16 88 to speak to one of our physiotherapists to see whether these exercises are suitable for you.

Wrist extensor stretch

Finger Extension

Isometric Wrist Extension

Dynamic Wrist Extension

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