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Sydney Allied Health Group is a proud provider for BEAT IT  by Diabetes NSW & ACT. 

What is BEAT IT?

BEAT IT is an evidence-based, innovative physical activity and lifestyle program.

It is designed to assist those at risk of, or living with, diabetes and other chronic conditions, through education and physical activity - all in a safe and supportive environment."

How would the BEAT IT Program help me?

BEAT IT combined with other regular physical activity can help:

  • Reduce the risk of developing diabetes and other chronic lifestyle conditions

  • Help with diabetes and other chronic lifestyle disease management

  • Prevent development of diabetes complications and other chronic lifestyle related conditions

  • Improve heart health.

  • Improve blood glucose control

  • Improve insulin sensitivity

  • Improve blood pressure and cholesterol level

  • Achieve weight loss and weight management

  • Prevent osteoporosis and improve bone mineral density

  • Reduce the risk of falls and fall related injuries

  • Improve mood, energy and quality of life"

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Balmain Exercise Physiologist Led Beat It Program for Diabetes
Balmain Physio
Balmain Exercise Physiology now proudly partnering diabetes nsw & act
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