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Clinical Pilates
Physio Led Pilates


Clinical Pilates is a form of traditional pilates led by our qualified and experienced physiotherapists, prescribing exercises that focus on core strength, flexibility, balance and breathing. We offer one on one, beginners and intermediate classes to assist our patients in  improving mobility, minimising further injury, pain management and general health and well-being. 

Clinical Pilates - Beginners' vs Intermediate class 

Beginners class provides an introduction to clinical pilates, which is ideal for individuals who have had no experience or exposure to clinical pilates before. Furthermore it is also beneficial for patients who are seeking rehabilitation for their injuries. The main focus in these classes will target TA activation and improve strength, flexibility and core control.

Intermediate class build on top of the beginner classes. It is ideal for individuals who do not have any current injuries and have had experience in clinical/general pilates and/or seeking for injury prevention.

 Private One on One 

Private Sessions are designed for clients who wish to receive one on one guidance from one of our physiotherapist. This category is ideal for individual with little or no experience in Clinical and/or General Pilates. It is highly recommended to participate in private sessions before joining classes.

Private Sessions are available Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 9am - 1:30pm via appointments. 

Not sure which class you fit in to?

At Sydney Allied we recommend all new patients that have had no experience in clinical pilates to book an appointment for an initial assessment with our physiotherapist. 

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Health Fund Claimable Pilates Sessions 

Clinical Pilates - Physio-led Pilates classes are claimable through most private health funds under ‘group physiotherapy’ or "class physiotherapy". However claimable amount varies by health fund and policy. Please check your health fund policy if you are unsure whether pilates is claimable under your cover. 

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Health Funds?

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Post Natal Pilates Classes  teaches you to engage your core muscle protecting your back and shoulder from injury. Post Pregnancy, your core, abdominals and pelvic floor muscles are stretched and often lose their strength. New demands of motherhood can place a lot of stress on you body, such as pram pushing, picking up your child, breastfeeding and more. This often leads to pains and aches which can be easily avoided. Post Natal Pilates Classes aim to provide get you back to your pre baby body, strength muscles and to prevent injury. 

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