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Meet Our Team

Scott Lim - Associate Physiotherapist 

B AppSci (Phty) USYD APAM
Sports Injuries Special Interest 

Scott earned his Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney and further augmented his qualifications with a Diploma in Nursing from Singapore. His proficiency was notably enhanced during his service with the Singapore Armed Forces, where he served as a physiotherapist assistant for a year and a half.


In the past two years, Scott has undergone further  training as an associate under the guidance of Principal Physiotherapist Edward Yip at the Sydney Jaw Clinic, focusing on the treatment of Jaw, TMJ, and facial pain. This further training has allowed him to refine his techniques and broaden his expertise in managing complex jaw and facial musculoskeletal conditions.


Scott's approach to patient care is deeply personal; he values the importance of understanding his patients' individual needs, which enables him to tailor treatment plans effectively. He advocates for a broader understanding of physiotherapy, emphasizing its role in not just rehabilitation but also in identifying and addressing underlying deficiencies that can elevate a patient's quality of life and performance.


With a keen interest in promoting the significance of an active lifestyle, Scott's professional drive is to facilitate individuals' ability to pursue their physical endeavors, from high endurance sports to routine activities. His holistic view of health encompasses both the physical and mental benefits of staying active.


Beyond his professional commitments, Scott leads an active personal life. He is a fitness enthusiast, frequently experimenting with new sports, and finds relaxation and enjoyment in days spent at the beach and following the Formula One circuit.


Areas of Interest:                      Sports Injuries and Musculoskeletal disorders

                                                       (Especially Neck and Shoulders)

                                                       Jaw (TMJ) Pain Disorders


Programs & Classes:                Strength & Conditioning                                                                 

Languages:                                 English

Sugie An- Associate Physiotherapist 

B AppSci (Phty) USYD APAM
Special Interest Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation

Sugi is a dedicated physiotherapist who holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney. Her professional journey shows experience across various medical domains. With a passion for enhancing patient well-being, Sugi has amassed invaluable expertise in orthopaedics, cardiorespiratory care, intensive care unit (ICU) management, geriatric rehabilitation, renal therapy, oncological support, and outpatient services. Her versatile skill set has been honed through hands-on practice at esteemed institutions such as Westmead Public Hospital, Goulburn District Hospital, and Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital.

Beyond traditional clinical settings, Sugi has extended her compassionate care to sports teams, including AFL and netball, where she provided tailored physiotherapy services. Additionally, her commitment to community welfare led her to work with individuals under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), further demonstrating her versatility and dedication to holistic patient care.

Sugi's approach to physiotherapy is rooted in collaboration, emphasising patient-centered care to attain realistic and sustainable health outcomes. She fosters a supportive environment where patients actively participate in their rehabilitation journey, empowering them to achieve their goals and enhance their quality of life.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Sugi maintains an active lifestyle. She finds joy in sports and physical activities, frequently engaging in volleyball matches, Pilates sessions, gym workouts, and exploring various aerial sports.


Areas of Interest:                      Sports Injuries and Musculoskeletal disorders

                                                       (Lower lower back and Spine & Pelvic)

                                                       Disability and Neurological Conditions


Programs & Classes:                One-on-One 

Languages:                                 English

Edward Yip - Principal Physiotherapist 


APA NSW PBA Committee Member

JAW & TMJ Pain Special interest

TMJ Physiotherapist 

Edward is the Principal Physiotherapist at Balmain Physiotherapy by Sydney Allied Health Group. Having graduated from the University of Sydney, Edward is a highly experienced physiotherapist who prides himself on his ability to make a positive and long term difference in his patients’ lives. He enjoys working with patients to understand not only the cause of their musculoskeletal injuries or dysfunction but also to understand the whole individual including their interests and lifestyle. This ensures he is implementing a bespoke management plan to each patient based on his comprehensive assessment and their individual needs. 


He educates and works to empower you so you have a clear understanding of the root cause of the problem. He uses a range of hands-on techniques and exercise prescription and is proficient in the use of some more specialised forms of manual therapy, dry needling and joint mobilisation techniques. 

Edward has a particular interest in treating headaches, neck and jaws pain especially temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs) but also still enjoys treating general musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. He also has extensive experience working with knees and shoulders pain patients of all age groups.


Outside of work, Edward enjoys reading, playing golf and hanging out with Katsu the Shiba. 


Areas of Interest:                   Sports Injuries and Musculoskeletal disorders

                                                     (incl. Knees, Shoulders and Lower Back)

                                                     Aged-related conditions

                                                    (incl. Chronic Pain, Mobility Loss & Falls Prevention)

                                                     Jaw (TMJ) Pain Disorders


Languages:                                English and Cantonese

Ashleigh Penteado - Exercise Physiologist 

Bachelor Exercise & Sport Science (ACU) 
Masters in C
linical Exercise Physiology (ACU), ESSAM

Beat It Program

Ashleigh completed her Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology at Australian Catholic University. During her studies, Ashleigh gained great experience through working in a range of areas including chronic disease management, cancer and exercise and ageing populations. Ashleigh recognises the importance of taking a holistic approach to treatment and getting to know and understand each individual client to create a well rounded exercise regimes that balances all aspects wellbeing. She believes that when applied correctly, a tailored exercise intervention can be a key contributor to treating or managing a vast range of conditions and achieving clients personal goals in all stages of life.

Outside of work, Ashleigh enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family (and pets) and going on long weekend drives with her local car community. To stay active Ashleigh loves to spend time at her local gym, trying out fun new exercises to give them the tick of approval before bringing them into the clinic to share with her clients.


Areas of interest:               Chronic Disease Management

                                                (incl. Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes etc) 

                                                Neurological Conditions 

                                                (incl. NDIS, Stroke, Parkinson's Disease etc)

                                                Exercise & Mental Health     


Programs & Classes           Fit 4 Life - Seniors Exercise Class (60 years +) 

                                                (Balance, Strength and Fitness) 

                                                Beat It Program

                                                (Diabetes Exercise Program) 


Languages:                        English

 Since completing her training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s High Risk Foot clinic, Jacqui has enjoyed treating a wide variety of patients. She has worked extensively with athletes and performers in a clinic specialising dance and sport related injuries, as well as with more vulnerable patients in diabetic and aged foot care practices. It was from this broad base of experience that she discovered her passion for resolving her patient’s postural and biomechanical issues with the use of modern sports rehabilitation techniques and custom-made orthotics when necessary. Always sensitive to her patients careers, hobbies and lifestyles, Jacqui takes a whole body approach to treatment, tailoring recovery programs according to her patient’s goals.

Jacqueline Sleep - Senior Podiatrist

B Pod (La Trobe), AAPSM, SMA


Areas of Interest:                   Sports Injuries and Dance/Performance Podiatry

                                                    (Heel Spurs, Arch Pain )

                                                    Diabetic Foot management

                                                    (Ingrown Toe Nails and routine Podiatric Care)

                                                    Customised Orthotics 

                                                    (Full-custom, semi custom or ‘off the shelf’)

Languages:                               English

Helen Wong- Associate Podiatrist

 BSc (Hons) Pod. MChSI

Introducing Helen, our esteemed associate podiatrist. Helen's journey in podiatric medicine began with her graduation from Western Sydney University, where she attained a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine. Her professional career led her to various regional areas around Bathurst, enriching her expertise in general and diabetic foot care and management. Since her return in 2022, she has seamlessly integrated her wealth of experience into our practice. Helen's passion extends to paediatric podiatry and meticulous ingrown toenail management. She firmly believes in a holistic approach to patient-centered care, recognising its pivotal role in fostering optimal foot health and enabling individuals to lead vibrant, active lives.

Areas of Interest:                   Sports Injuries Podiatry

                                                    (Heel Spurs, Arch Pain)

                                                    Diabetic Foot management

                                                    (Ingrown Toe Nails and routine Podiatric Care)

                                                    Customised Orthotics 

                                                    (Full-custom, semi custom or ‘off the shelf’)

Languages:                               English

Dr Queenie Chau -  Principal Optometrist (Balmain Vision)

B.Optom/Vision Science (1st Class HONS)

Ocular Therapeutics UNSW:

Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber

Sydney Dry Eye Clinic by Balmain Vision

Queenie is the Principal Optometrist at Balmain Vision who specialises in comprehensive eye health and vision care. With years of experience in optometry, Queenie is a therapeutically endorsed practitioner who enjoys working with patients to understand their vision needs as well as raising awareness in the importance of caring for their eyes to prevent future long-term complications. She integrates the latest technology and latest evidence based research into her management plans to ensure the highest quality of care is given to all her patients. 

Queenie has a particular interest in dry eyes, myopia and ocular disease management.

Outside of work, Queenie enjoys eating different cuisines and walking her beloved dog, Katsu the Shiba Inu. 

Queenie optom.png
Katsu - Unofficial Therapy Dog

Katsu the Shiba Inu is our unoffical practice therapy puppy. He occasionally visits the practice. Katsu is very friendly and enjoys spending time around people. 

Areas of Interest:                   Walks around Balmain and playing fetch at Ballast Point Park


Languages:                               Japanese 

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