Edward Yip - Principal Physiotherapist 


APA NSW Branch Councillor,

APA NSW PBA Committee Member

Edward is the Principal Physiotherapist at Balmain Physiotherapy by Sydney Allied Health Group. Having graduated from the University of Sydney, Edward is a highly experienced physiotherapist who prides himself on his ability to make a positive and long term difference in his patients’ lives. He enjoys working with patients to understand not only the cause of their musculoskeletal injuries or dysfunction but also to understand the whole individual including their interests and lifestyle. This ensures he is implementing a bespoke management plan to each patient based on his comprehensive assessment and their individual needs. 


He educates and works to empower you so you have a clear understanding of the root cause of the problem. He uses a range of hands-on techniques and exercise prescription and is proficient in the use of some more specialised forms of manual therapy, dry needling and joint mobilisation techniques. 

Edward has a particular interest in treating headaches, neck and jaws pain especially temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs) but also still enjoys treating general musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. He also has extensive experience working with knees and shoulders pain patients of all age groups.


Outside of work, Edward enjoys reading, playing golf and cycling.

Areas of Interest:                      Sports Injuries and Musculoskeletal disorders

                                                    (incl Knees, Shoulders and Lower Back)

                                                    Aged-related conditions

                                                    (incl Chronic Pain, Mobility Loss & Falls Prevention)

                                                     Jaw (TMJ) Pain Disorders


Languages:                                English and Cantonese

Maxine Delaney - Associate Physiotherapist 

DPT, BExSc, Dip Health Coach, Yoga and Anti-Gravity Yoga Instructor

Maxine first completed her Undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science through CSU in Bathurst before completing a Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) Degree through Macquarie University. As part of her studies Maxine was involved in a research project looking at the safety and quality of physiotherapy practice and was also fortunate enough to be selected to travel and complete some of her studies in Hyderabad, India. Maxine has always enjoyed an athletic lifestyle and has found she enjoys applying her personal experience and knowledge of performing arts (gymnastics, circus artists, musicians) and other sports (basketball, olympic lifting, crossfit, swimming and tennis) in the private practice setting. 

Maxine has a keen interest in health and wellbeing, and adopts a preventative approach to her treatment.  As a Yoga Instructor she focuses her classes on physical alignment and postural control and as a Health Coach she is passionate about working with and supporting her patients through the process of restoring and maintaining a healthy balance in all aspects of their lives. 

Outside of work, amongst some of her favourite hobbies are training on aerials apparatuses (silks, lyra, and flying trapeze), going to yoga classes, being outdoors (bushwalking or at the beach), and cooking.

Areas of Interest:                      Holistic Injury Management and Preventative Health

                                                    (Shoulder and Pelvic/Hip Girdle, Spine, Ribcage, Forearms)

                                                    Individualised (one-on-one) Programs - Yoga Therapy

                                                    and Anti-Gravity Yoga 

                                                    (Functional posture, Alignment, Relaxation/Breathing

                                                    Women's Health

    Chronic Pain Management


Languages:                                English

Elise Harrison - Associate Physiotherapist 

BPhty (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) University of Canberra

Elise has a background in Exercise and Sport Science and completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Canberra. During her studies Elise got experience working in a wide variety of areas  giving her the opportunity to gain many wonderful skills.

Elise is very interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and spends much of her time in the outdoors climbing, hiking, mountain biking, running and swimming. Her love for such activities has given her a great respect for sports and the impact they can have on the body. Elise is able to use this personal experience to aid her treatment of patients with injuries from sports and recreation. She likes to treat to elevate symptoms and has a preventative approach to enable people to achieve their goals.

Elise loves working as a physiotherapist as it allows her to help people in a holistic way, maintaining wellbeing and getting people back to the activities that make them happy!

Areas of Interest:                      Sports Injuries and Musculoskeletal disorders

                                                    (incl Ankles, Hips, Knees and Lower Back)

                                                    Neurological Rehabilitation

                                                    (incl Parkinsons, Stroke)


Languages:                                English

Emma Job - Exercise Physiologist 


Emma completed her Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at the University of New South Wales in 2018. She believes exercise is beneficial for everyone, and gained experience working within neuromuscular rehabilitation, mental illness, chronic disease management and physical activity for kids during her studies. Emma believes in a biopsychosocial approach to health and wellbeing, and that exercise can positively influence all of these factors if prescribed correctly. Outside of work, Emma loves to stay active by going to the gym, walking her dog, swimming and playing netball.      

Areas of interest:                 Chronic Disease Management

                                                (incl diabetes, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis)

                                                Exercise & Cancer

                                                (during treatment and post-treatment)

                                                Injury Rehabilitation

                                                (incl shoulders, knees and lower back)

                                                Exercise & Mental Health     


Programs & Classes             Beat it 

                                                (Diabetes Exercise Class)

                                                Seniors Exercise Class (60 years +)

                                                (Balance, Strength and Fitness) 

Languages:                        English

 Since completing her training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s High Risk Foot clinic, Jacqui has enjoyed treating a wide variety of patients. She has worked extensively with athletes and performers in a clinic specialising dance and sport related injuries, as well as with more vulnerable patients in diabetic and aged foot care practices. It was from this broad base of experience that she discovered her passion for resolving her patient’s postural and biomechanical issues with the use of modern sports rehabilitation techniques and custom-made orthotics when necessary. Always sensitive to her patients careers, hobbies and lifestyles, Jacqui takes a whole body approach to treatment, tailoring recovery programs according to her patient’s goals.

Areas of Interest:                      Sports Injuries and Dance/Performance Podiatry

                                                    (Heel Spurs, Arch Pain )

                                                    Diabetic Foot management

                                                    (Ingrown Toe Nails and routine Podatric Care)

                                                    Customised Orthotics 

                                                    (Full-custom, semi custom or ‘off the shelf’)

Languages:                                English

Jacqueline Sleep - Podiatrist

B Pod (La Trobe), AAPSM, SMA

Practice Manager : 

Eva Yip
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