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What are our Fit4Life Classes? 

Chronic health issues are on the rise, and whilst people are living longer, many are spending much of their later years limited in their function and health. Our Fit4Life classes aim to provide a pathway for older adults to take control of their health by getting involved in an exercise program that is evidence based and guided by professionals. 


When implemented safely and effectively, exercise can directly and indirectly assist in the management and treatment of many of the most common chronic conditions. Our exercise programs are backed by the latest research to ensure that they are tailored to your unique health goals and needs. 


Exercising is difficult, and getting started can be even harder. Our friendly exercise physiologists would love to give you a hand in implementing an exercise regime as part of your health journey! 

Who are our Fit4Life Classes for? 

  • Older adults who want to improve their overall health and function 

  • Older adults who would like to better manage their chronic health conditions e.g. 

    • Type II Diabetes 

    • Cardiovascular disease 

    • Osteoarthritis

    • Osteoporosis 

    • Lower back pain 

    • Respiratory Issues e.g. COPD 

  • Still not sure if that’s you? Give us a call so we can discuss it with you 

Common Chronic Conditions.png

What do our programs involve? 

  • 1-1 Initial consultation with an accredited exercise physiologist to discuss the best plan of action to suit your unique health needs to ensure a safe and effective program

  • Group exercise programs designed to target specific chronic health conditions or functional goals 

  • A combination of resistance, aerobic and balance training to meet health goals 

  • Run in a small group setting (maximum of 6 people) to ensure a high level of supervision and care 

Why should you join our Fit4Life Classes? 

  • Be part of an open community who understand and share your goals of improving your health and function

  • Guidance from accredited exercise physiologists who can provide the knowledge and information to allow you to exercise safely and effectively  

  • Significant research supporting the use of exercise for improving 

    • Cognitive function 

    • Physical function (strength and capacity) 

    • Mental health 

    • Cardiovascular health 

    • Metabolic health 

    • Bone Health 

    • Respiratory Health 

    • Fatigue and chronic pain 

    • Risk of falls 



How Much Does It Cost? 

Our pricing structure is based around promoting flexibility and accountability so that you are able to focus on getting the most out of your exercise sessions.

  • 10 pass: $270

  • 20 pass: $540

Medicare Rebates 

  • $56 for an Initial Consultation with an Enhanced Primary Care Program, or Chronic Condition Care Program referral from the GP. 

  • $67.90 for Initial Consultation with a Group Allied Health Referral form from the GP (for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes only). 

  •  $16.95 per group exercise session with a Group Allied Health Referral form from the GP (for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes only). 

When are the Sessions?

Tuesday at 10:00am - Face to Face (In-Clinic)

Tuesday at 12:00pm - Face to Face (In-Clinic)

Thursday at 9:00am - Face to Face (In-Clinic)

Thursday at 12:00pm - Face to Face (In-Clinic)

Interested in Joining our FIT4LIFE Seniors Group Exercise Class?

Get in contact with us below, or call on 1300 16 16 88

Thank you for contacting us, we will respond as soon as we can during business hours.

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