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Balmain Tigers AFC

Sydney Allied is proud to announce our recent partnership with the Balmain Tigers Australian Football Club. 


The Balmain Tigers AFC was founded in 1903, with a rich history in the inner west. They currently play in the Sydney AFL as part of the broader 8 division competition, and have won numerous premierships throughout the years, with their most recent win in 2014. Competition is due to resume in April of 2017.


As a part of our commitment to our sponsorship of the club, we endeavour to help members of the team by providing an onsite injury clinic. This will allow for the assessment of injuries of players and to henceforth seek further help from our team, as well as the provision of management plans to aid injured players in returning back to the field.


Our injury clinics are held at Glover Street Oval, Glover St, Lilyfield on please call us on 1300 16 16 88 to check updated times and updates.


Balmain Tigers Injury Clinic
Balmain Tigers Game
Prepping for the game
Prepping for the game
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