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Sydney Allied is a proud provider for Lungs in Action by the Lung Foundation Australia!

Lungs in Action is an incentive created by the Lung Foundation Australia to serve as a community based maintenance exercise program. It is targeted for those with stable chronic lung conditions who have completed pulmonary rehabilitation, and also suitable for people with stable NYHA class II and III heart failure who have completed heart failure rehabilitation.


How do the classes run?

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists who are specially trained in exercising people with chronic lung conditions and heart failure run all of our Lungs in Action classes. Classes follow the guidelines set by Lung Foundation Australia's Lungs in Action training and can take a variety of formats including circuit style training, aerobic conditioning, resistance workouts, balance, coordination, mobility, stretching and breathing exercises. The program design and supervision make it suitable for patients with lung diseases and also heart failure, including patients who use supplemental oxygen and walking aids.!

How do I sign up for Lungs in Action classes at Sydney Allied?

To be eligible for the Lungs in Action program, you must have completed a full course of Pulmonary or Heart Failure Rehabilitation. Once this has been completed, your GP, rehab clinician or Exercise Physiologist will then need to fill in a Lungs in Action Entry Form with your consent. Approval after this means that you can call us up and we'll book you into one of our classes!

Our Program and Prices:

The Lungs in Action classes at Sydney Allied are designed to tailor individual needs of each client. All clients that join our class will be required to attend a private initial assessment with the Exercise Physiologist prior to attending their first session.  We offer different packages; 10 and 20 pass which both include an initial assessment. For price enquiries please call 1300 161 688.  


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