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Reformer Pilates

Sydney Allied is proud to now bring you Reformer Pilates! We now offer private physio-led reformer pilates sessions. 

We already know the benefits of pilates - it improves the core, overall muscle tone, flexibility and mobility, but what more can a reformer do? Read on to see if reformer pilates might be something to consider for you!

What is a Reformer?

A reformer is a narrow bed with a sliding carriage, pulleys, straps and springs. While a little daunting to look at at first, a reformer can make a world of in difference in terms of the types and variations of exercises you can perform, when compared to mat pilates.


At Sydney Allied, we have a cadillac reformer. The cadillac is an additional trapeze table that can additionally allow its user to work against gravity with varying poses and light resistance.


Reformer pilates is different to mat pilates in that:

  • Mat pilates uses your own body weight as resistance

  • Mat pilates gives you full control of your body

  • Mat pilates is excellent for beginners, as there is a emphasis on learning to control your form


Reformer pilates can provide many additional benefits to traditional mat pilates:

  • Great for those more experienced in pilates

  • More intense and dynamic than mat pilates due to the resistance of springs

  • Reformers act as a support system that can assist with form

  • Allows for people of all capabilities to safely participate in exercises, including those with injuries or limited range

  • Can offer a greater variety of exercises than mat

  • Excellent for rehab purposes - the horizontal plane of motion means that the individual is not vertically loaded and bearing weight through their legs

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